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Real Brides

It is such a pleasure to create pieces for these beautiful brides !  If you would like to share your photos please send them along !  I'm always thrilled to see them !

Bridal chandelier earrings - Treasures by AgnesRound hoop Bridal earrings - Treasures by Agnes

Treasures by AgnesBridal backdrop necklace - Treasures by AgnesHoop Bridal earrings - Treasures by AgnesCZ chandelier earrings - Treasures by Agnes

Mia bridal necklace - Treasures by AgnesSimple Bridal necklace - Treasures by Agnes

Bridal jewelry - Treasures by AgnesEmma Bridal earrings - Treasures by Agnes

 Swarovski crystal statement earrings - Treasures by AgnesSwarovski crystal stud bridal earrings - Treasures by AgnesBridal backdrop necklace - Treasures by AgnesStatement wedding earrings - Treasures by Agnes 

Bridal backdrop necklace EMMA

Rose gold Bridal chandelier earringsvintage style swarovski crystal chandelier earringsRose gold bridal headpiece headband EMMAantique gold bridal bracelet and antique gold bridal earringsvintage style swarovski pearl and crystal bridal backdrop necklacecrystal and pearl bridal necklace and earring setantique gold cuff bracelet and bridal earringsPearl drop bridal chandelier earringsBridal backdrop necklace EMMARose gold bridal necklace and Rose gold chandelier earringsdainty rose gold bridal necklacepearl and crystal bridal necklace and earrings EMMArose gold bridal hair comb and jewelry setpearl drop earrings and bracelet MIAantique gold vintage style bridal backdrop necklacerose gold bridal earringsantique gold swarovski crystal drop earringsrose gold pearl drop bridal earringscrystal teardrop bridal chandelier earringsswarovski crystal bridal hair combEMMA earringsrose gold bridal hair combswarovski crystal statement cuff braceletbridal chandelier earringsantique silver vintage style bridal headpiece with swarovski crystals and pearls    teardrop bridal earringssimple cubic zirconia bridal necklacestatement bridal braceletswarovski crystal bridal braceletswarovski crystal rose gold bridal chandelier statement earringsdainty pearl drop bridal necklacecustom antique gold headpieceswarovski crystal large wedding headpieceantique gold swarovski crystal hair combcustom antique gold wedding headpiecerose gold bridal hair comb with swarovski crystalsbridal backdrop necklacepearl and crystal bridal earrings MIAbridal forehead bandswarovski crystal wedding headpiecebridal backdrop necklace and earringssimple bridal necklace and earring set EMMAcustom rose gold bridal backdrop necklaceswarovski crystal bridal braceletswarovski crystal bridal chandelier earringsteardrop bridal chandelier earringsbridal hair pinsswarovski crystal bridal hair combcustom bridal forehead bandrose gold bridal headpieceBridal headband EMMAsimple bridal backdrop necklacecrystal and pearl bridal earringssimple bridal backdrop necklacecustom swarovski crystal bridal hair combbridal wedding forehead bandcustom swarovski crystal wedding headpiece          Itbridal backdrop necklace



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