2019 Will Be an Amazing Year for Bridal Accessories: Here’s Why

2019 Will Be an Amazing Year for Bridal Accessories: Here’s Why

November is here – and that means the end of the year is rapidly approaching. Aside from the holiday season (which we all love), the end of 2018 also brings with it a new beginning in the world of weddings: a whole new wave of trends shaping up and taking over the bridal universe.

Here at Treasures by Agnes, we think it’s going to be a truly amazing year for bridal accessories. Why?

We have gathered some tips you might want to know right below – so read on and find out more.

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  • Simplicity will be the new luxury. Everywhere you look for wedding gown trends in 2019, one motif stands out: simplicity. We’re back to the wedding dresses of the late 90s and early 2000s when simple cuts and simple patterns were everything. Expect to see almost bare wedding dresses pop everywhere, in a myriad of cuts and designs meant to suit different body shapes and sizes. Expect simplicity to be the highest form of bridal elegance in 2019 – just like it was with Meghan Markle’s wedding gown!
  • Why is this great for wedding accessories? Because the simpler your dress is, the more you can go over the top and make a huge statement with your wedding jewelry. Just imagine yourself wearing a very simple satin wedding gown and a pair of rose gold statement earrings to complement it – isn’t that a stunning combination?
  • The second big trend we’re seeing take off for 2019 consists of luxurious fabrics. Satin and silk seem to be making a really big comeback next year – so you can definitely expect more and more brides to re-embrace the beauty and opulence of these fabrics.
  • How come this is great for wedding jewelry? Because luxury attracts luxury. A soft silk wedding gown is bound to look marvelous with wedding accessories that truly emphasize its simple luxuriousness – such as crystals, rose gold, pearls, and other true classics of the bridal jewelry world. You’re bound to shine with elegance and beauty if you follow this year’s trends!

 handmade wedding jewelry

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