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Wedding Tips

Did You Know These Wedding Jewelry Trends for 2019?

Here at Treasures by Agnes, we believe every single bride is unique – that is precisely why we create custom jewelry for brides who want to genuinely shine on their wedding day.  

This doesn’t mean that you should ignore wedding trends entirely – they can still be a great source of inspiration when you want to create an unforgettable wedding look.  

What are some of the most notable wedding jewelry trends for 2019?  

We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more.  

  • Mixed gems. Gone are the days when elegance was only considered when one type of precious metal and one type of gem were brought together. Jewelry designers today curate and create pieces that mix multiple elements in a harmonious way – a way that makes a real statement. If you want to feel unique, opt for a piece that includes mixed gems – it will look stunning on you!  
  • Pearls. Pearls have never gone out of style – but over the years many brides seemed to have lost interest in them. This year, designers are bringing pearls back into the spotlight – and for good reason! There can never be something as graciously elegant in its simplicity as a beautiful pearl, uniquely embedded in the design of a carefully crafted pair of earrings, necklace, or bracelet! 
  • Layering. This is a jewelry trend that started outside of the wedding industry but was quickly translated into bridal jewelry. Layering a short necklace and a longer one is the perfect way to accessorize a deep V-neck wedding dress, precisely because it adds a unique style even to the simplest dress. This trend is bound to look great on everyone, so don’t hesitate to consider it for your Big Day too! 
  • Matching bridesmaids. While 100% matching bridesmaids’ dresses may be a little passé (especially these days, completely mismatched dresses seem to be the trend), matching your ladies’ jewelry continues to be a pretty big trend. Offering them necklaces that look similar (or even the same design) will make them feel appreciated and loved – and it will create a sense of cohesiveness for their looks too!  


Looking for splendid custom-made jewelry? Contact Treasures by Agnes and come take a look at what we offer. You will fall in love with our new designs and their grace!  

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How to Pick the Best Bridal Earrings for Your Face Shape?

How to Pick the Best Bridal Earrings for Your Face Shape?

Your wedding look deserves the very best – because, after all, you don’t get married every day, and it’s perfectly normal that you want to shine on this very important event of your life.  

How can you choose the best type of earrings for your bridal look and face shape? 

We have gathered some tips for you – so read on and find out more.  

 custom bridal earrings

  • Round face. The key to picking the right pair of earrings for a round face is to make sure they aren’t too large, and not too round either. Often hoop earrings are best avoided if you have a round face and are trying not accentuate that – but as with any rules there are exceptions, and we’ve seen some brides with round faces that looked absolutely stunning wearing hoop earrings! Your best bet is, however, a pair of long drop earrings that draws the attention from the roundness of the face to your neck and elongates the look 
  • Square face. If your face is square-shaped, you’ll want to soften the lines a little – so the best pair of earrings for you may be something that is slightly rounded and curved. In terms of size, opt for something medium or medium to long (e.g., these rose gold pearl drop earrings), as opposed to something too short.  
  • Oval face. In general, oval-faced ladies are very lucky when it comes to earrings. They can wear pretty much whatever they want. However, if you want to truly show off, you can wear a pair of chandelier earrings because they will emphasize your beautiful cheekbones. Furthermore, stud earrings (for example, these pearl stud earringsare also a great choice for you – they are simple, low-key elegant, and they can look absolutely gorgeous with a delicate hair updo!  
  • Long face. If your face is thin and elongated, your main purpose is to add a bit of width to your bridal look. The best way to do this is by choosing a pair of round-shaped earrings. Cluster earrings can be an excellent choice as well. And if you want to keep it low-key, do opt for something short and dangly – it will make you feel fabulous!  


Looking for custom made, unique wedding jewelry? Contact Treasures by Agnes and allow us to help you accessorize yourself on the Big Day. Our pieces are made with the highest attention to detail with one goal in mind: to make you feel radiant, to make you shine, to make you smile, to make you happyContact us today and you will not regret it! 

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Everything A Bride Should Know about the Different Types of Gold

Everything A Bride Should Know about the Different Types of Gold

Undoubtedly the single most popular precious metals in the world, gold is frequently the go-to choice not only when it comes to essential wedding jewelry (such as engagement rings and wedding rings), but also when it comes to the accessories brides wear on their wedding day.  

What are some of the most important things to know about the different types of gold, and how to wear them best on your wedding day 

We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more.  

  • Yellow gold. This is the ultimate classic – the type of gold that is most common not just in the world of weddings, but pretty much everywhere else. Yellow gold looks fabulous on brides with warm skin tones, and it can be beautifully combined with crystals, pearls, and even other types of gold to create gorgeous pieces that will make their owner truly happy on her Big Day (and happily ever after, too!) 
  • White gold. Most people do not make a distinction between white gold and platinum, and a lot of them frequently include palladium in the mix as well. Although they might look similar, the three types of metal are quite different, both in terms of how they are processed and valued and in terms of how they behave. For instance, white gold is actually yellow gold that is often blended in an alloy with nickel (perhaps 10%), and/or covered in a special plating made out of rhodium to give a white or silver color. Palladium and platinum are not actually gold at all, but they are often grouped in with gold jewelry since they are precious metals with a shiny white appearance that is similar to white gold 
  • Rose gold. We have discussed rose gold in prior blogs: it is one of the most popular types of gold at the moment, and it can look truly romantic and sweet on your wedding day. Rose gold is not pure gold: it is an alloy that combines yellow gold, copper, and silver to create a substance that has the unique color between gold and copper. Delicate and pretty, rose gold works fantastically well with all skin tones, and it can be a great match with just about any wedding look. Plus, it’s harder and stronger than pure yellow gold and doesn’t tarnish.  So, it should hold up well even if you wear it frequently, long after your wedding day. 

Still searching for the perfect pieces of wedding jewelry? Contact Treasures by Agnes and allow us to help you find the most amazing accessories for your Big Day. From stunningly crafted earrings to unique back necklaces, we have everything you need to look RADIANT on your wedding day!  

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4 Types of Necklaces for 4 Types of Brides

4 Types of Necklaces for 4 Types of Brides

Your wedding look is obviously (and very naturally!) important to you. After all, getting married is not something you do every day, so it’s understandable that you want to create a bridal look that will make you feel completely special on your Big Day. Some brides are going for a princess or fairytale-like look, while others are going for classic (think Audrey Hepburn)contemporary, elegant, or rustic looks. 

With all these choices, what is the right type of necklace for you?  

We have gathered 4 types of necklaces perfect for the different styles many brides are looking for – so read on and find out more.  

  • The dainty one. It just doesn’t get more delicate than this. A dainty necklace is absolutely ideal for a bride who loves low-key, sweet elegance – the kind that has always looked amazing and that will continue to look amazing as well. Think timeless beauty.  Dainty necklaces are perfect for romantic brides who will wear a delicate wedding dress and a soft, feminine hairstyle. 
  • The statement. Statement necklaces come in as many shapes, forms, metals, and with as many precious stones as you can imagine. There’s no right or wrong way to define them: they are necklaces which make a real fashion statement. They are usually larger and more preeminent than an average” bridal necklace, and they usually go well with dresses that lean on the simpler side and with necklines that allow for plenty of skin to be seen (so that the statement necklace can really stand out). You don’t want your statement piece to clash with your dress, so be sure there’s enough room in the neckline for it.  That way you don’t run the risk of overpowering your dress 
  • The back necklace. This is a statement in its own right, but in a completely different category. The back necklace is perfect for brides who love a dash of uniqueness and want to look really special on their Big Day. They run the gamut from delicate back necklaces to bold back necklaces with powerful designs – and they both look amazing on backless wedding dresses, usually with either a shorter hairstyle or longer hair worn up 
  • The pearl necklace. This is an absolute classic – the kind of necklace that adds sophistication and class to the most basic dress, the kind of bridal accessory that can really upgrade your entire look to a point where it looks like you just walked off the runway. Brides looking for classic or timeless beauty cannot go wrong with pearls. 


Looking for the most amazing handcrafted, unique pieces of wedding jewelry? Contact Treasures by Agnes and we guarantee you will absolutely love the range of products we offer. They will complement your style down to the smallest detail!  

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How to Coordinate Your Precious Metals and Your Wedding Style?

How to Coordinate Your Precious Metals and Your Wedding Style?

Wearing the perfect wedding dress is important for every bride out there – but making sure to accessorize it in a stylish and beautiful way is also very important.

Here at Treasures by Agnes, we want to make sure every bride wears the jewelry that suits her style, her personality, and her wedding – and this is why we create pieces that are 100% custom.

This is why we want to help you decide on the types of jewelry that suit you best as well.

For example, do you know how to coordinate your precious metals and your wedding style?

If not, read on, because we have gathered some of the essential tips every bride should know about this.

  • It all starts with knowing your skin undertone. We have written a bit more about this here, but the main idea is that yellow gold looks best with warm undertones, white gold, silver, and platinum look best with cool undertones, and rose gold tends to look great with warm undertones (but there are also many ladies with cool undertones that can pull it off absolutely gorgeously). Aside from warm and cool undertones, there is also a “neutral undertone” – and if you have this type of skin, you pretty much struck gold (pun intended) because you can wear almost anything (it is important to test it, though).
  • In general, all precious metals can be crafted into jewelry that suits every bridal style. From the ultra-elegant bride who wants a fairytale wedding to the high fashion contemporary bride and the country chic bride, there is something for everyone. For instance, yellow gold can look amazing on a very elegant accessory, but when crafted the right way, it can also be a stunning choice for a rustic bride.
  • Last, but not least, what you actually like is more important than anything. You can be a cool toned bride who loves yellow gold, and you can be a warm toned bride who is in love with platinum. You should wear what makes you feel good and what feels comfortable to you!


Looking for custom bridal jewelry that will suit you from every single point of view? Come visit Treasures by Agnes and take a look at the gorgeous pieces we have created so far. Contact us and find out more about the gorgeous pieces we could create for you and your magical Big Day!



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4 Reasons to Wear a Back Necklace on Your Wedding Day

4 Reasons to Wear a Back Necklace on Your Wedding Day

Accessorizing for every special event can be really tricky, especially when you want to make sure you look flawless, radiant, and stylish.

When it comes to your own wedding day, however, things can get a thousand times more complicated – mostly because this is a once-in-a-lifetime kind of event and because you want to feel absolutely astounding as you walk down the aisle.

Why would you wear a back necklace on your wedding day? We have some tips that are bound to convince you – so read on if you want to find out more.


  • It looks graceful. Even a simple backless (or low back) wedding gown can be instantly “upgraded” with the help of the right accessories – and a back necklace is just the kind of piece that will do that in the subtlest, beautiful way there is. Your back will look so stylish and so beautiful that you will wonder why back necklaces aren’t a MUST when it comes to backless wedding dresses!
  • It’s unique. You don’t see back necklaces every day – and that’s what makes them so perfect for a bride who wants to exude uniqueness and personality through every single inch of her pores, through every single piece of her bridal look. A back necklace will astonish everyone – so much so that you should be prepared to answer a lot of questions about where you got it!
  • It comes in so many variations! A back necklace is more than just the precious metal itself – some of them feature stunning, intricate designs, others are simple and delicate, just perfect for a minimalist or a low-key elegant bride. Some of them are made with yellow gold to exude luxury, others are made with rose gold, for those of you who want to be trendy and timeless. Some of them feature sophisticated pearls, others are made with glamorous crystals that will make you SHINE. There’s something for every bride – the romantic one, the modern one, the vintage one, the minimalist one, and so on.

 back necklace

Want to find out more about our back necklaces? Come visit Treasures by Agnes and take a look at the fantastic options we offer. Come visit us and take a look at our carefully handcrafted pieces of bridal jewelry, each meant to suit the bride that will wear it. Come visit us and we guarantee you will never regret your choice!

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Why Would You Choose Swarovski Crystals as a Bride or Bridesmaid?

Why Would You Choose Swarovski Crystals as a Bride or Bridesmaid?

Swarovski crystals are very popular on elegant jewelry – and it’s perfectly understandable why. They shine beautifully, they can be incorporated in a myriad of designs, and they are quite versatile in terms of what they can be worn with as well.

Why would you wear Swarovski bridal jewelry (as a bride or as a bridesmaid)?

We have some tips for you – continue reading to find out more.

The history behind Swarovski crystals is quite interesting. Daniel Swarovski was born in Bohemia at the end of the 19th century, to a father who was a glass cutter and who taught him everything he knew. Later on, in 1895, Swarovski and two partners opened the first Swarovski company (in Wattens, where their HQ remains to the date).

  • At first, Swarovski saw his special crystals as a less expensive alternative to diamonds (and his very motto was “a diamond for everyone”). Later on though, the crystals started to be appreciated in their own right – and the glass produced by Swarovski is even used for far more than jewelry (they started to produce optical instruments through Swarovski Optik in 1935, making telescopes, binoculars and other similar products.
  • Swarovski crystals are extremely versatile and highly appreciated everywhere in the world today – including by many brides. Swarovski bridal earrings can add a dash of elegance to your look, a Swarovski can adorn your décolletage beautifully, and a Swarovski backdrop necklace can add a real touch of uniqueness to your entire attire.
  • Not only do Swarovski crystals look like diamonds, but they also come in a wide range of colors too. Crystal (transparent/ white) is the most common option, but you can find silver, golden, black, amber, and blue Swarovski crystals as well. Even more, you can find very unique colors, such as Crystal Volcano (a mix of red, purples, and blues that blends together marvelously), or Crystal Vitrail Light (a white crystal with stunning colorful reflections to it). No matter what colors you have chosen for your wedding decor or for your bridesmaids’ dresses, you are bound to find Swarovski crystal jewelry that truly suits your wedding style!


Looking for gorgeous pieces of bridal jewelry that incorporate Swarovski crystals? Contact Treasures by Agnes and come see what we can offer: breathtaking Swarovski jewelry, custom made for each bride or bridesmaid, so that it suits them to absolute perfection. Contact us and you will not regret it!


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Choose the Best Wedding Jewelry According to Your Personality

Choose the Best Wedding Jewelry According to Your Personality

Your wedding look is about more than just trends: it’s about you and who you are. It’s about your own unique style, your personality, the kinds of things you like. It’s about the way you choose to create the biggest and most unforgettable day of your life: your wedding.

Sure, wedding trends are great and they do provide brides with a lot of inspiration – beyond that, though, you want your bridal look to mirror your very own self.

How to choose your wedding jewelry according to your personality and style? We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more.


  • If you’re the kind of bride who wants an ultra-romantic and elegant wedding (such as a ballroom wedding, for instance), you should choose wedding jewelry that reflects your taste in luxury. Our suggestion is going for something that will make a real statement about your unique style – such as a beautiful Swarovski crystals forehead piece, for example.
  • Low-key elegant. Some of you might want to have a low-ley elegant wedding – such as a modern wedding held in a naturally beautiful landscape or surrounded by high-end works of art (e.g. a museum wedding, for example). If that’s the case, the jewelry you should choose should be just as low-ley sophisticated as your wedding – such as this lovely rose gold back necklace, for example.
  • There’s nothing more elegant or sophisticated than timeless style – the kind that will never go out of fashion, the kind that will always look attractive. If you want a traditionally classy wedding, you should pick jewelry that reflects that. Our suggestion in this category is a beautiful pair of Swarovski ivory pearl earrings featuring a stunning chandelier design – classy, but full of personality at the same time too.
  • There’s something about vintage fashion that will always fascinate us: something timeless and fully of history, something inherently romantic and sweet, something worthy of a novel. If you like this style and if your personality is always turned towards the fashion of decades past, you might want to consider at least one piece of vintage-inspired jewelry – such as this gorgeous bracelet, for example.


Looking for unique bridal jewelry, created just for you? Contact Treasures by Agnes and come take a look at the fabulous pieces we could adorn your wedding day with! We guarantee you will love what we offer!

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4 Types of Accessories That Will Make You Look Memorable on Your Wedding Day

4 Types of Accessories That Will Make You Look Memorable on Your Wedding Day

Few things are more important for a bride other than looking perfect on her wedding day – and given what a unique event this is, it is completely understandable why most brides feel this way.

Obviously, picking a pretty wedding dress is important, and making sure to put on makeup that will make you look picture perfect throughout the entire wedding day is also quite important.

Have you considered your wedding day accessories, though?

If you are looking for the best options, here are 4 types of bridal accessories bound to make you look memorable on your wedding day:

  • Anything with crystals. If you’re among the brides who want to really SHINE on their wedding day, look for anything that has crystals in it. There’s something incredibly glamorous and beautiful about crystals attentively incorporated in beautiful wedding jewelry pieces – something that will make you feel like the most astounding bride in the whole wide world!

  • Rose gold. If you are looking for a trendy alternative to classic yellow gold, but white gold isn’t quite up your style alley, try rose gold instead. It’s been very trendy for quite some time now, and it can be flattering for most skin complexions – so it’s a real win-win option. Rose gold earrings, rose gold bracelets, and rose gold necklaces – here at Treasures by Agnes, we have a pretty wide variety of bridal accessories adorned with rose gold, so you have plenty of options to choose from.

  • Some might say pearls are bad luck for a bride – but we believe they are just pure sophistication. It just doesn’t get more timeless or elegant than pearls. Whether they are incorporated in a small pair of pear earrings or as a double-layered statement necklace, pearls are bound to make you feel drop dead gorgeous!

  • Bridal backdrop necklaces. Looking for something genuinely unique? The kind of accessories that will make a real statement on your wedding day? A bridal backdrop necklace is the perfect way to adorn a backless wedding dress (or just a dress with a lower back line) – give it a try and we guarantee you will love it!


If you are looking for wedding jewelry created just for you, contact Treasures by Agnes. The beautiful variety of options we offer and the high customizability of our articles will conquer your heart. Contact us and allow us to pamper you with wedding pieces that are unforgettable in every single way there is!

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