How to Pick Your Wedding Necklace According to Your Face Shape

How to Pick Your Wedding Necklace According to Your Face Shape

Every woman is beautiful in her own way – and here at Treasures by Agnes we have always believed that our jewelry has the power to make ladies feel at their very best, especially on their special day: their wedding.

Of course, you want to make sure you choose wedding accessories that suit you not just from a style-related point of view, but also from a personal and physical point of view.

For instance, do you know what kind of necklace works best for your face shape? If not, we have some tips for you – so read on and find out more.

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  • Oval shape. This is the closest to the ideal face shape, so naturally, women with this face shape can wear a wider range of types of necklaces. If you are the proud “owner” of an oval face shape, you are blessed with the power of choosing from a very wide range of options. For instance, if you want to elongate the torso, we would advise a long string of pearls.
  • Round shape. If you have a rounded face shape, you shouldn’t worry - there are so many options for you too! The key lies in always settling for designs that elongate your face: designs that are straight and geometrical. It is highly advised that you stay away from very large necklaces, especially if they aren’t paired with a necklace.
  • Square face. Madonna, Marilyn Monroe, and many other famous ladies have square shaped faces – and oh, how stunning do they look! The secret with this type of face lies in counter-balancing the square shape of the face with my own round ape - you need dainty pieces of jewelry that show off your delicacy and femininity in a graceful and elegant way.
  • Heart-shaped. Although relatively easy to “work with” the heart-shaped face needs a bit of attention to detail too. Our advice is to focus on necklaces that have curves in them (because this will reduce the “elongation” of the face). For instance, a bateau wedding gown neckline will look stunning with a collar necklace!


Looking for superb bridal jewelry that will embrace you and who you are? Contact Treasures by Agnes and let’s talk a little about your wedding day and the kind of accessories we can create especially for you. Contact us and we promise you will never regret it!


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