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About Me and My Work

I absolutely love what I do !

I have been making Bridal jewelry for close to 12 years and have been sharing my creations with more and more as my inventory grows. I started my business, Treasures by Agnes so that I could send a sparkle to someone's eye and share my work with those that have an appreciation for fine quality workmanship and unique, one-of -a-kind pieces that cannot be found in mainstream stores. My passion goes into each piece that I create. It is often bittersweet when a piece passes on to someone else as I have poured myself into the process of its creation. However, I find joy in the fact that another individual shares my appreciation for the beauty and appeal of my design. I find this effect, along with the jewelry-making process itself, extremely gratifying.

Through the years I have found amazing components to utilize into my designs. I love creating custom pieces as well and working in collaboration with my clients to make a stunning final piece the client will love.
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