How to Coordinate Your Precious Metals and Your Wedding Style?

How to Coordinate Your Precious Metals and Your Wedding Style?

Wearing the perfect wedding dress is important for every bride out there – but making sure to accessorize it in a stylish and beautiful way is also very important.

Here at Treasures by Agnes, we want to make sure every bride wears the jewelry that suits her style, her personality, and her wedding – and this is why we create pieces that are 100% custom.

This is why we want to help you decide on the types of jewelry that suit you best as well.

For example, do you know how to coordinate your precious metals and your wedding style?

If not, read on, because we have gathered some of the essential tips every bride should know about this.

  • It all starts with knowing your skin undertone. We have written a bit more about this here, but the main idea is that yellow gold looks best with warm undertones, white gold, silver, and platinum look best with cool undertones, and rose gold tends to look great with warm undertones (but there are also many ladies with cool undertones that can pull it off absolutely gorgeously). Aside from warm and cool undertones, there is also a “neutral undertone” – and if you have this type of skin, you pretty much struck gold (pun intended) because you can wear almost anything (it is important to test it, though).
  • In general, all precious metals can be crafted into jewelry that suits every bridal style. From the ultra-elegant bride who wants a fairytale wedding to the high fashion contemporary bride and the country chic bride, there is something for everyone. For instance, yellow gold can look amazing on a very elegant accessory, but when crafted the right way, it can also be a stunning choice for a rustic bride.
  • Last, but not least, what you actually like is more important than anything. You can be a cool toned bride who loves yellow gold, and you can be a warm toned bride who is in love with platinum. You should wear what makes you feel good and what feels comfortable to you!


Looking for custom bridal jewelry that will suit you from every single point of view? Come visit Treasures by Agnes and take a look at the gorgeous pieces we have created so far. Contact us and find out more about the gorgeous pieces we could create for you and your magical Big Day!



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