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How to Choose a Bridal Necklace that Best Matches Your Wedding Dress

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How to Choose a Bridal Necklace that Best Matches Your Wedding Dress

Choosing a beautiful wedding dress is important for every bride, but it is equally important that your dress is properly accessorized.

In a previous article, we talked about wedding day accessories and gave you a few general tips on how to select bridal accessories that are suitable for you.

This time, we would like to share a couple of tips with you on how to choose the best bridal necklace based on to your wedding gown’s neckline. Read on and find out more.

  • Sweetheart neckline. This type of neckline is quite generous as it is – so you shouldn’t over embellish it. Ideally, you should wear a dainty necklace (just dainty enough to add a bit of sparkle to your neckline, but not too flashy, so that it doesn’t look like “too much” on your neck and décolletage).
  • Strapless/ straight neckline. This type of neckline looks gorgeous with a statement piece – especially if it is not very embroidered, or if the detail work on it isn’t very pronounced. The simpler the dress, the more extravagant you can be with your statement necklace.
  • Halter top/ high-neck. With this kind of dresses, you want to avoid wearing any kind of necklaces because it will just make the area around the neck feel too “crowded”. Instead, you should wear a statement bracelet or a pair of dainty earrings to suit your wedding style.
high neck
  • Open back. Also, if your halter top has an open back (as many do), you should definitely consider the option of a backdrop necklace because it will look very feminine and suave.
open back
  • V-neck. This universally-flattering type of neckline can be adorned in a multitude of ways. Most often, though, brides choose to settle on statement pieces because they complement the V-shaped part of the décolletage in a truly beautiful way.
  • Same as in the case of halter tops and high neck wedding dresses, asymmetrical gowns don’t have to be accessorized around the neck – mostly because you cannot actually complement the shape of the dress with any kind of necklace. Earring, bracelets, and headpieces are often the best choice with these types of gowns.


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