Why Rose Gold? Top Tips to Know about the Trendiest Type of Gold

Why Rose Gold? Top Tips to Know about the Trendiest Type of Gold

Your wedding accessories should be nothing less than flawless – and here at Treasures by Agnes, we’re all about providing pure perfection to every bride that calls for our help when it comes to her bridal jewelry.

We’re also all about helping brides find the perfect precious metal and stone for them – precisely because we want them to wear wedding jewelry that suits them from every point of view.

Rose Gold has stolen the limelight lately, but do you know why rose gold is so popular – and why would you too might choose it for your Big Day? Let us tell you more!

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  • Rose gold isn’t that new. It might feel so, because it’s trending everywhere (and not just for brides), but the truth is that rose gold appeared more than two centuries ago. As a reference, the white wedding dress only started to be a “thing” during the Victorian Age in the 1800s in England (mostly because Queen Victoria chose to wear modest white, instead of the lush wedding gowns royalty used to wear to their weddings).

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  • This type of gold was originally known as “Russian Gold” (because it first appeared in Russia), but it was soon renamed to “Rose Gold.” Towards the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century, it became very popular (especially during the Victorian Era). From 1910 to World War II, this type of precious metal lost its appeal in favor of luxurious platinum, but it soon came back in fashion when the war effort demanded more and more platinum and white gold.
  • Rose Gold took center stage for a long time after World War II as well – but it slowly faded out of fashion until about four years ago when copper shades came back in full force. These days, rose gold is one of the most appreciated types of gold – it’s unique, special, and full of femininity and grace, which makes it absolutely perfect for brides.

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  • Ideally, you should have a cool skin tone or a mixed skin tone to show off rose gold at its very best. However, we have seen brides with warm toned skin rocking this metal like the true goddesses of beauty they are – so our advice is for you to try on something rose gold and see if it fits. If it does, this is, indeed, one of the very best choices you could make for your Big Day!


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