4 Types of Accessories That Will Make You Look Memorable on Your Wedding Day

4 Types of Accessories That Will Make You Look Memorable on Your Wedding Day

Few things are more important for a bride other than looking perfect on her wedding day – and given what a unique event this is, it is completely understandable why most brides feel this way.

Obviously, picking a pretty wedding dress is important, and making sure to put on makeup that will make you look picture perfect throughout the entire wedding day is also quite important.

Have you considered your wedding day accessories, though?

If you are looking for the best options, here are 4 types of bridal accessories bound to make you look memorable on your wedding day:

  • Anything with crystals. If you’re among the brides who want to really SHINE on their wedding day, look for anything that has crystals in it. There’s something incredibly glamorous and beautiful about crystals attentively incorporated in beautiful wedding jewelry pieces – something that will make you feel like the most astounding bride in the whole wide world!

  • Rose gold. If you are looking for a trendy alternative to classic yellow gold, but white gold isn’t quite up your style alley, try rose gold instead. It’s been very trendy for quite some time now, and it can be flattering for most skin complexions – so it’s a real win-win option. Rose gold earrings, rose gold bracelets, and rose gold necklaces – here at Treasures by Agnes, we have a pretty wide variety of bridal accessories adorned with rose gold, so you have plenty of options to choose from.

  • Some might say pearls are bad luck for a bride – but we believe they are just pure sophistication. It just doesn’t get more timeless or elegant than pearls. Whether they are incorporated in a small pair of pear earrings or as a double-layered statement necklace, pearls are bound to make you feel drop dead gorgeous!

  • Bridal backdrop necklaces. Looking for something genuinely unique? The kind of accessories that will make a real statement on your wedding day? A bridal backdrop necklace is the perfect way to adorn a backless wedding dress (or just a dress with a lower back line) – give it a try and we guarantee you will love it!


If you are looking for wedding jewelry created just for you, contact Treasures by Agnes. The beautiful variety of options we offer and the high customizability of our articles will conquer your heart. Contact us and allow us to pamper you with wedding pieces that are unforgettable in every single way there is!

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