Everything A Bride Should Know about the Different Types of Gold

Everything A Bride Should Know about the Different Types of Gold

Undoubtedly the single most popular precious metals in the world, gold is frequently the go-to choice not only when it comes to essential wedding jewelry (such as engagement rings and wedding rings), but also when it comes to the accessories brides wear on their wedding day.  

What are some of the most important things to know about the different types of gold, and how to wear them best on your wedding day 

We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more.  

  • Yellow gold. This is the ultimate classic – the type of gold that is most common not just in the world of weddings, but pretty much everywhere else. Yellow gold looks fabulous on brides with warm skin tones, and it can be beautifully combined with crystals, pearls, and even other types of gold to create gorgeous pieces that will make their owner truly happy on her Big Day (and happily ever after, too!) 
  • White gold. Most people do not make a distinction between white gold and platinum, and a lot of them frequently include palladium in the mix as well. Although they might look similar, the three types of metal are quite different, both in terms of how they are processed and valued and in terms of how they behave. For instance, white gold is actually yellow gold that is often blended in an alloy with nickel (perhaps 10%), and/or covered in a special plating made out of rhodium to give a white or silver color. Palladium and platinum are not actually gold at all, but they are often grouped in with gold jewelry since they are precious metals with a shiny white appearance that is similar to white gold 
  • Rose gold. We have discussed rose gold in prior blogs: it is one of the most popular types of gold at the moment, and it can look truly romantic and sweet on your wedding day. Rose gold is not pure gold: it is an alloy that combines yellow gold, copper, and silver to create a substance that has the unique color between gold and copper. Delicate and pretty, rose gold works fantastically well with all skin tones, and it can be a great match with just about any wedding look. Plus, it’s harder and stronger than pure yellow gold and doesn’t tarnish.  So, it should hold up well even if you wear it frequently, long after your wedding day. 

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