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Top Things You Probably Didn’t Know about Gold

Top Things You Probably Didn’t Know about Gold

Oh, gold! The quintessential precious metal everyone knows and loves, the mark of power and financial gain, the dream so many have plunged fortunes into!

There is something utterly fascinating about gold, in all its forms and colors – something that makes us turn back to it when we think of precious jewelry and special events.

Here at Treasures by Agnes, we love gold as much as the next person (and even more!), and we know you love it too. But did you know these facts about gold? Read on if you’re curious to find out more!

We have gold in our bodies! That’s right, human bodies contain approximately 0.2 milligrams of gold. You’re precious!

  • Gold is the only precious metal that comes in a yellow shade. Other metals (precious or not) can develop a yellowish tint, but only if they are oxidized or if they react with other metals. So rejoice and bask in the warmth of yellow gold, for it is truly unique and beautiful!
  • Almost all the gold on Earth is the result of meteorites that fell on the planet nearly 200 million years ago. Talk about turning something bad into something good here!
  • Gold is not used for jewelry and for its monetary value only. In fact, you will find gold in most industries on Earth – including electronics, colored glass, radiation, dentistry, and so on. So many applications for the world’s most beloved metal!
  • Gold is considered to be a noble metal because it is unreactive. It will not be affected by air, moisture, or other acidic conditions of any kind. It is also the reason gold has been long used in jewelry that is supposed to withstand the sands of time (such as wedding rings, for example).
  • Rose gold (which we absolutely love, love, love here at Treasures by Agnes!) is the result of combining yellow gold with copper. Yellow gold will give your rose jewelry that precious touch you definitely appreciate, while copper will make it look feminine, sweet, and just a touch vintage.


Looking for bridal jewelry made from antique gold and rose gold? Here at Treasures by Agnes we have a very beautiful variety of handcrafted pieces you will definitely love! Come check out our products and we guarantee you will absolutely love them!

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