How to Choose the Ideal Pair of Earrings for Your Wedding

How to Choose the Ideal Pair of Earrings for Your Wedding

Picking a pretty wedding gown is important for pretty much every bride to be.

What about the accessories, though? How will you adorn your stunning wedding dress to make it pop with style and personality?

Earrings are a very important part of your bridal look – so we thought we could pull together some of the most important tips to help you choose the earrings that will create the perfect look on your wedding day.

How do you do that? Read on and find out more.

  • Consider the shape of your face. We’re nobody to tell anyone what to wear and what not to wear – because, oh well, at the end of the day, each person is different and they like different things. However, you might want to consider the shape of your face when choosing your earrings. For instance, large loop earrings may not look as good on a round face as they do on an oval one.
  • Consider your hairdo. Will your hair be down or pulled up in a hairdo? If you pull it up, we suggest choosing a pair of statement earrings that really makes your face shine with grace and elegance. Of course, you should also consider the precious metal of your wedding jewelry if you want to make sure it really suits you well.
  • Consider your wedding dress. Is your wedding gown very intricate and detailed? Then you might want to choose a pair of earrings that is simple and low-key. If your wedding dress is simpler, you can definitely go for a more intricate pair of earrings. Furthermore, if you have a high-neck wedding dress with details around the neck, you might want to consider the option of a very small pair of earrings that don’t pop as much.
  • Consider your other jewelry. Wearing both a very intricate necklace and a very long, detailed pair of earrings might not be the best idea (and even more so if your dress is detailed as well). In general, try to keep it as well-balanced as you can and create a look that’s elegant, but not over the top.


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